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Learn Windsurfing in the Red Sea

Windsurfing Courses

According to your level – from beginner to advanced, our team of professional instructors can offer a package suitable for your individual needs.

About the courses

Courses are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Maximum 4 student’s group per instructor.

All students are supplied with harnesses and safe jackets.

We offer the latest equipment to rent: Sails, Boards, Harnesses and Wetsuits (available on request).

Beginner Courses

For beginners and those who didn’t try the sport before.
This course includes theory and practice lessons with special equipment that makes learning much easier.

Advanced Course

for those who already can sail and need improvement of the skills, as well as learning advanced tricks, new techniques and jumps.

Kid’s school

The course is primary for elementary school ages children, starting from 6-7 years of age.

We provide special equipment that is easy to use and the kids feel success right away.

We are committed to introduce windsurfing to kids in a safe and fun way.

Sharing our love for the sport and watching the enthusiasm on their faces are the most rewarding aspects of our role as instructors.

Windsurfing Courses



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(6 Hours)


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(10 Hours)


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(12 Hours)


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Other Windsurfing Courses



(20 Hours)


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Private Lesson

(1 Hour)


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Equipments Rental

We offer the latest equipment to rent: sails, boards, harnesses and wetsuits (available on request).

#DescriptionDaily Rate
11 Hour$50.00
22 Hours$80.00
35 Hours$180.00
43 Days Card$285.00
56 Days Card$535.00
59 Days Card$735.00
6Beach Use & Storage (1 Day)$25.00
7Beach Use & Storage (1 Week)$100.00